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The action

Not only sculptors could try themselves in the stone sculpture art

Vidmantas Martikonis thought of realising one more idea – let everyone, who wants and can, test this ability. Everybody can realise his project in the granite field stone during the action "Make your sculpture", which will take place from March till May, every year.

"I want that the more people will know about the sculptures art, its peculiarity", - said V. Martikonis. The 6th International Symposium showed that society, especially the young generation, is willingly interested in this art. Many people visited the park during the symposium, when the sculptors were working; it was a real "living lesson", when people saw how the same creative work process looks like, how the field stones in sculptors‘ hands turns into impressive forms. It was excellent possibility to associate with famous Lithuanian and foreign sculptors, ask them everything, what is concerning and interesting.

We hope to unite the people, who are not indifferent to culture, art, stone. We could not only change our thoughts and ideas about stone sculpture art by working together, but also could learn communicate and collaborate with people as well as apply some gained knowledge and experience to daily life. We are announcing the participation rules and waiting for calls to register and participation.

Participation rules

Objectives of the action "Make your sculpture" are the following: To give the possibility for everybody who wants and can create the granite sculpture. To invite society participate in natural stone sculpture art.

The time and the place: The action is due to take place from March to May, every year. The action will be held in the Park of Stone Sculpture set in territory of the hotel "Vilnoja”, Sudervė, Lithuania (address: Zdziechovskio street 27, Sudervė, Vilnius region, Lithuania).

Participation conditions: In this event can participate persons till 18 years old. A separate agreement of cooperation shall be signed with each participant of the action. The participation cost is about 800 Lt. The action organizer provides the participants for living space and feeding as well as these means:

  1. The professional sculptor will instruct and work together.
  2. The necessary instruments and material will be given.
  3. Will choose the suitable stone due to realise the project.

All sculptures produced during the action shall be the property of the participants.
The organizer of the action: Public Organization "Vilnoja".

* We are kindly inviting all, who wants to observe how the same creative work process looks like and offer to stop at the "Vilnoja” hotel, which is on the bank of the lake.

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