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Born in Lvov, USSR - 1955 - Lives and Creates in Tel-Aviv, Israel since 1990
Graduate at the Art Academy in Lvov, and the Institute for Monumental Art in Kharkov Specialized in Monumental Art

Selected group exhibitions all over USSR, 1980-1989.
Exhibition of 12 Israeli Sculptors, Sivilla, Spain 1992.
Bible International Exhibition in Jerusalem, Israel 1993.
International exhibition of selected group in museum "Antonio Doarte", Portugal 1998
International exhibition of selected group. Museum art in Resistencia, Argentina 1998
International exhibition Art. Museum Art; Tours. France.. 2000
International sculpture exhibition. EXPO 2000. Hannover. Germany. 2000
International sculpture exhibition. "Korean Sculpture-Worldwide Sculpture. Moran Museum Art. Seol. Korea. 2000.
International exhibition Miyazaki airport. Japan. 2004

The Federal Art Museum in Lvov, USSR, 1981.
Artists' Union House, Krakov, Poland, 1983.
Artists' Union House, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1984.
"Efrat" Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1991.
"Hakikar" Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1995.
"Migdal" Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1997.
The Federal Art Gallery of Givataym. Israel. 2003

Camenez-Podolcky, Ukraine, Sand Stone, 1986.
Beit-Shemesh, Israel, Marble, 1990.
Rishon-Lezion, Israel, Marble. 1992.
Nes-Ziona, Israel, Dolomite Stone, 1993.
Hazor-Haglilit, Israel, Basalt, 1995.
Shoam.lsrael, Marble. 1998.
Yavne. Israel. Marble. 2001.
Eytat. Israel. Granit. 2001.
Dimona. Israel. Dolomite Stone, 2003.

8-th International symposium, Idgivan, Armenia, 1983.
International Zechov, Poland, Sand Stone, 1985.
3-rd International symposium-exhibition,"Yar-Hakatan" Raanana, Israel, Marble, 1991
2-nd International symposium, Ashdod, Israel, Travertine, 1994.
6-th International symposium, Maalot-Tarshiha, Israel, 1997.
2-nd International symposium, Avsha, Turk, 1987.
7-th International symposium "Simpetra 98", Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, Marble, 1998.
3-rd International Biennial symposium, Resistencia, Argentina, Travertine, 1998 (sponsor prize).
5-th International Biennial symposium, Baricara, Colombia, Sand Stone, 1998.
15-th International symposium, Fanano, Italy, Sand Stone, 1999.
1-st International symposium, Vigo, Spain, Granite, 1999.
9-th International symposium, Buddusso, Italy, Granite, 1999.(second prize)
3-rd International symposium, Almeria, Spain, Marble, 1999.
4-th International Sculpture Symposium, La Souterraine, Granite, France, Granite, 2000 (Public prize).
5-th International Sculpture Symposium, Obernkirchener, Sand Stone, Germany, 2000.
10-lnternational Sculpture Symposium. Maalot-Torshiha. Marble. Israel. 2001.
11 -th International Sculpture Symposium. Nanto. Italy. Sand Stone.. 2001.
10-th international Sculpture Symposium. Hojer. Denmark. Wood. 2002.
35-th international Sculpture Symposium, Krastal. Austria. Marble. 2002.
12-th international Sculpture Symposium, Borkel. Holand. Marble. 2002.
8-th international Sculpture Symposium, La Bresse, France. Wood. 2002.
3-rd International Sculpture Symposium, "Carlos III" .De Fuente Palmera. Spain, Limestone. 2003.
6-th International Sculpture Symposium in Icon. Korea. Granit. 2003.
2-nd International Sculpture Symposium. Ashkelon. Israel. Marbl. 2003.
2-nd International sculpture symposium in topolchanci. Slovakia. 2004
3-rd International Sculpture Symposium in Morincburg. Germany.2004

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