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Date and place of birth 1979-08-16

grammar school studies
1990-1998 Sancta Maria Catholic Girl School (Eger, Hungary)
Certificate of final examination
Special grammar school studies
1998 – 1999 Théba Art School (Budapest, Hungary)
graphics and stage designer degree
1999 – 2004 University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts (Pécs, Hungary)
sculptor degree

Organisational skills and competences:
KME Approach Art Association- member of presidium (2002-2005)
Member of the International Relations Comittee in the Faculty of Arts of the University    of Pécs  ( 2003-2004)
Head of the Dormitory Council ( Damjanich Dormitory; University of Pécs) (2003-04)
Vice President of the Student Organisation of the  Faculty of Arts (2001-04)
PBMT Art Society of Pécs city and Baranya county (2005- )
MSZT Society of Sculptors of Hungary (2004-)
MAOE Society of Hungarian Artists (2004-)

1995 –1999 Hungary, Zebegény, Istvan Szonyi Summer Art Academy
1997 – 1998 Hungary, Heves, Faculty of Fine Arts Budapest/ master Pal Ko and his students summer symp.
2002 – 2004 Hungary, Siklós, ceramic symposion of PTE
2004  Slovenia, Sezana, Metamorphosis Festival, international stone symp.
2005 Slovenia, Izola, Metamorphosis Festival, international stone symp.
2006 Germany, Appenhof, Frauenstein,EU Intern. Sculptor Symposyum
2006 Turkey, Alanya Heykel International Sculpture Symposium
1996 1st prize on “Energy in space” national art grant special prize from Junior Art Funds, Hungary
1997 grant of Szinyi Istvan Fine Arts Academy (Hungary, Zebegény)  international grant to Cyprus from EU funds
2002  Heves County’s Grant (donnated by the Assembly General of H. County)
2002 Republic’s Grant (donnated by the Ministry of Education)
Personal exhibitions:
1997  February - Hungary, Eger, Theather Géza G?rdonyi
1999  March - Hungary, Eger, Aula, Theather Géza G?rdonyi
2002  July - Hungary, Eger, Christian Youth Gallery
2004  November - Hungary, Pécs, Gallery of Pécs

Group exhibitions:
1996  May Hungary, Eger, Franciscans’ Church chapel; with Ilona ZEKE- SIMON
2001  March Hungary, Pécs, Gallery of Pécs, seminary of ceramics
2002  March Hungary, Pécs, Medical School of University of Pécs (UP)      
2002  April Hungary, Pécs, IV. Psycho-Days in Institute of Psych. Studies
2002  November  Hungary, Eger,  Christian Youth Gallery
2003  January  Hungary, Pécs, Approach Gallery
2003  February  Hungary, Pécs, Pécs Small Gallery  - Colin Foster and his students
2003  April Hungary, Szigetv?r, Vigadó Gallery;Approach Art Society members
2003  April Hungary, Komló, Show-Time; Approach Art Society (Pécs)
2003  May Hungary, Pécs, ZOOM Art Festival; Approach Art Society
2003  September Roumania, Cluj-Napoca organised by Approach Art Society
2003  September Roumania, Arad; organised by Approach Art Society
2004  February Serbia and Montenegro, Subotica; in delegation of University of Pécs
2004  February Hungary, Pécs, Youth House of Pécs; organised by Pécs Gallery
2004  April Hungary, Pécs, 18th National Ceramic Biannale; Pécs Gallery
2004  August Slovenia, Sezana, Kosovelov Dom, Metamorphosis Fest.
2004  August Slovenia,  Ljubljana
2004  October Germany, München, KME
2005  February Hungary, Budapest, Duna Gallery, MAOE
2005  June Hungary, Pécs, POSZT, National Theater Festival, Ferenczy- Gallery
2005  August Slovenia, Izola, Metamorphose Festival
2005  August Slovenia,  Ljubljana, Tivoli Park, Metamorphose Festival
2005  December Hungary, Budapest, Ark?d Gallery, PBMT
2005  December Hungary,Pécs, Mecsekérc Zrt, PBMT
2006  April Hungary, Szentendre, ART EXPO, M?vészetmalom
2006  May Hungary, Budapest, KOGART
2006  June Hungary, Pécs, POSZT, PBMT, Ferenczy- terem
2006  June Hungary, Pécs, Laterum Hotel, PBMT
2006  July Germany, Frauenstein, main square,Int. Sculp. Symp.
2006  August Slovakia, Komarno, PBMT
2006 November Turkiye, Alanya, Int. Sculpt. Symp.
Address  91, Rakóczi str. EGER, 3300, HUNGARY
Telephone  + 36 30 301 02 26
E-mail  bea.rostas@gmail.com

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