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Date of birth: 1966-03-10

Personenstand: married whit Moutschen Patrick, three children

diplomée of the academy of the beautiful arts of liege.

Price and selection:
August 2003 - International sculpture meeting of Sprimont from small granite
Avrill 2004 - selection for the biennale "the friends of Watkyne" Ellezelles (Courtrai) acquisition of the sculpture for the way of strange
June 2004 - selection for "the fire birds" European art center Fantastique Moulin Broukay, evenly Emael
August 2004 - international sculpture meeting of Sprimont from small granite
June 2005 - international sculpture meeting at Durbuy from small granite
June 2005 - selection for "clairi?re of the zentauren" European art center Fantastique Moulin Broukay, even Emael

Personal presentation:
During my childhood, I was impassioned by the drawing. Then, I was allured by the sculpture.
I like to use various materials like: ground, iron, polyester, stone... what makes it possible to have research, different constraints.
By the modelling of the ground, I carry out figurative sculptures, in which I give to the expression of body the priority.
In the stone, my research is the representation of the movement, the freedom of the life.

My work is based on the structure:
the crust: I have many admiratin for this surface which is composed of crinoides, of the shells, of prehistoric elements and which give to the stone a natural aspect
"sbattu": allows me to give a vegetable, organic aspect.
to saw: give a mechanical, interior aspect. Thanks to this combination, the stone changes, it are metamorphosed is removed

Street of’Adzeux 16
4141 Louveigné
Tél. : +324/360.71.015
Fax : +324/360.71.18
Gsm : +32474.69.84.38
Svetainė: http://www.brigittedanse.be
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